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What’s left to live for after your future has been stolen?

Marcus has life figured out. Love + marriage = happiness. He’s got big plans, plans that include gold rings, white picket fences, and the pitter patter of little feet. But what he doesn’t know is that the love of his life, his fiance Tami, has other plans. Plans don’t include him

he’ll soon learn the hard way that sometime love just isn’t enough.
Tami knows Marcus is a good man, but good men are boring. She has secret desires that need an outlet, desires that Marcus could never understand, much less fulfill. She doesn’t want to be treated like a queen
she wants someone who will take the gloves off
 she NEEDS, a bad boy

A VERY bad boy
And she found one
behind the pulpit!
The Reverend Justin Oliver loves his calling. The Lord has given him this opportunity to minister to the good people of the town of Willows, and he is happy to serve. But he’s not perfect
he’s still a man
and men have needs

and Lord knows he has more needs than most.
His flock – men and women alike – are finding out that the Pastor has many, many, ways for them to come to the light.

Ways that include pleasure
and pain!
Maria is broken. She knows this. Things have happened in her past that make her unfixable, unwanted, unlovable. Time and again men have used her and thrown her away. She was certain that was her destiny, until she found a man filled with Spirit who could make her whole.

She had hope
until her best friend Tami did the unthinkable.
Now she knows the truth. The man she loves cannot, will not, ever love her back

Now someone has to pay

Can Marcus Make sense of his new reality after his dreams have been taken from him, or does he have to get revenge in order to reclaim what is his?

Will Tami find happiness with her choices or will her dark desires eventually consume her?
Can Maria heal or will she give Tami a taste of her own medicine? After all, Marcus is all alone now
and vulnerable!

Will the Reverend continue to “minister” in his own unique way or will he finally be exposed for what he is?
If you love DRAMA, a SCANDALOUS villain and HOT, steamy scenes that will leave you unable to sleep, get Willows now!

Be warned reader! This is no sweet love story. Sometimes there is no happy ending.

Willows Àr tillgÀnglig som e-bok.

  • E-bok

    Publicerad : 2020-05-06

    SprÄk: Engelska

    Förlag E-bok: PublishDrive

    ISBN E-bok: 9781627761635

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