Wet Out West Cowboy Bundle

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Wet Out West Cowboy Bundle

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Wet Out West Cowboy Bundle

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Wet Out West Cowboy Bundle

This steamy collection contains the following:

Violated By The Sheriff and The Outlaw:

Elle and Jackson are the perfect team of robbers, with Jackson providing the muscle and Elle playing the part of the sweet innocent girl. Together, they've been able to con their way through most of the south... that is, until they're caught by the sheriff and thrown in jail.

There's only one bargaining chip left they can use to prevent themselves from being brought to justice - Elle.

The sheriff will take the bait, but isn't just content with Jackson watching - he wants to take Elle rough and without protection until she begs for more, and that means he'll need Jackson stretching her out her at the same time. Elle will have to choose.

Stuck Between A Sheriff And An Outlaw

An affair with a notorious outlaw is something Rose tries to leave far behind when she rides into the southern town of Copper Creek.

“Where’s Pete?” Marshal Higgins asked.

Rose let out a sigh. She wished she’d never met Pete Cartwright or fell in love with him. Well, fell in lust was a more apt description of what happened. It made her willingly join his gang to be with him. The romance of riding with outlaws quickly lost its appeal though, and she’d ran. It seemed escaping wasn’t as easy as she’d hoped.

“Don’t know and I don’t care,” she answered. “I wanted his stink off me and traveled a thousand miles to free myself of it.”

“Wasn’t far enough,” Marshal Higgins said and pushed himself up to his feet.

Impregnating The Farmer's Wife

In a relationship with a man who seems to care way more about how she looks on his arm than how she looks naked in his bed, Harriet can’t help but listen to the hot young guy who saunters into her husband’s saloon.

When her husband invites the man to spend the night at their place, before promptly passing out drunk, she decides to honor her husband’s offer.

After all, listening to her husband is what a good wife does

Dominated By My Husband’s Billionaire Cowboy Boss

When Caitlin goes to visit her husband as he works on the railroad, she's suprised to find that he doesn't have much time for her. His boss, Mr. Brandon, has travelled to check up on the progress of the new project that will make him even richer.

Mr. Brandon is the type of man who gets what he wants, and when he sees Caitlin it never even occurs to him that he can't have her. He quickly sets up a meeting with her, and when she's brought into his lodgings he makes her an offer she can't refuse - an easy job as his assistant, for three times as much as her husband makes.

However with Mr. Brandon as her boss, it's no time at all before she starts seeing his true intentions. With the handsome, rich and bold cowboy billionaire tempting and controlling her, can she resist or will she break down and give in to let her husband's boss play out his every last kinky fantasy with her?

One thing is for sure, Mr. Brandon is persistent, and when he gets what he wants he never pulls out.

Wet Out West Cowboy Bundle Àr tillgÀnglig som e-bok.

  • E-bok

    Publicerad : 2019-05-29

    SprÄk: Engelska

    Förlag E-bok: Salacious Stories

    ISBN E-bok: 6610000180202

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