Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

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Fishing Tips & Tricks

1 h 58 min
All of us have seen fish. Fishing looks easy, to the outside observer. But any serious fisherman knows that there is an art to fishing. You have to know when to go, what kind of lure to use, and what to do while you wait for them to bite your hook.

Anyone who fishes uses special methods for success. Passionate anglers are constantly seeking to add new tips to their toolbox.

In this Audiobook(also available as an ebook), you'll find suggestions that will make you a better fisherman and allow you to catch the fish of your dreams. This book describes what the Fishing Tips & Tricks is all about.

What You are about to Learn in this book:

Method of Fishing - Every beginner fisherman must know many things about fishing in general before attempting to catch fish. Thus, knowing about basic fishing tips can be very helpful for anyone who is new to the sport of fishing.

Fishing in Canada - Just the thought of fishing in Canada is enough to make any avid fisherman's pulse increase. And for good reason, Canada has some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers teeming with fish on the face of the earth. It is no wonder that fishermen from around the globe descend upon Canada to satisfy their fishing fix.

Pike Fishing Lures – Freshwater - The most famous and used techniques of pike fishing. If you are new to this highly recommended fishery, select one or two techniques and learn and observe to become a good peak-fisherman as much as possible.

Fishing during the day time is popular to most people but fishing at night is not unfamiliar to fishermen. Night time fishing can be more beneficial than day time fishing for five reasons.

This is a book about different types of fishing spots and techniques.

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  • Ljudbok

    Publicerad : 2021-06-16

    SprÄk: Engelska

    Förlag Ljudbok: Author's Republic

    ISBN Ljudbok: 9781777770914

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