Anti Inflammatory Diet

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Anti Inflammatory Diet

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Anti Inflammatory Diet

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Anti Inflammatory Diet

If you have access to a regular grocery store, you can feel better within 24 hours

Have you spent years trying to control your leaky gut?Do you have unexplained health problems like dry eyes, skin issues and brain fog?Or is arthritis ruining your life?What may surprise you is - more and more studies - including those by the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases - are showing these ailments are often directly caused by your dietBut there’s a solutionYou see, you can feel better within the next 24 hours
Just by altering the food you eat.In fact, noted Chinese doctor and diabetes researcher Dr. Frank Hu said, at a talk at Harvard University. “Many experimental studies have shown that components of foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects."The Chinese are notorious for using food as prevention for health ailments. And it works. For example, the percentage of Americans with arthritis is four times higher than in China according to a study by the Journal of Arthritis Research.Plus Dr. Hu’s research has uncovered a number of notable advances in just how the food we eat, can impact our overall wellbeing.Like celery seed, which can be found in most grocery stores or online, for less than $1/ounce - it reduces cholesterol and flushes the toxins out of your body.In this book you’ll discover:

The reason women in China don’t get breast cancer (a direct result of their diet) - Page 31

The absolute best food for healing a leaky guy - Page 65

The 5 best anti-inflammatory supplements - Page 38

The real cost of eating healthy (much less than you think) - Page 24

How to use this one fruit to improve memory and reverse mental decline - Page 37

The drug-free way to sooth your IBS - Page 67

7 foods you won’t believe are good for you! - Page 54

The number one vitamin Americans are deficient in, and how you can fix this for less than 10 cents a day - Page 42

The one food you need to eat if your family has a history of heart disease - Page 53

The best anti-inflammatory foods for arthritis - Page 67

How to use this popular herb to prevent free radicals from damaging your immune system - Page 38

The common food which is the first step towards a flat stomach - Page 60

The deadly hidden danger of microwave cooking - Page 48

plus a complete 1 week anti-inflammatory eating planIs this diet expensive?Absolutely not, many of these foods can be found in your regular grocery store.In fact, some of them will actually be the cheapest option around.Many thousands of regular people like you are now using these anti-inflammatory superfoods to their benefit.So if you’re ready to experience a happier, healthier life
And feel changes in your body faster than you ever thought possible
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  • E-bok

    Publicerad : 2021-10-13

    SprÄk: Engelska

    Förlag E-bok: PublishDrive

    ISBN E-bok: 6610000312450

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