Air Fryer Cookbook

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Air Fryer Cookbook

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Air Fryer Cookbook

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FrÄn 139 kr/mÄnad efter provperioden. Ingen bindningstid.

Air Fryer Cookbook

Enjoy All the Fried Foods You Want without Sacrificing Your Health!

Cook Tasty And Healthy Meals Your Family Will Love Without All The Grease And Oil!
Do you find it hard to create time to cook, do you find it hard to let go of those fatty foods and lose weight, and do you want to enjoy fried foods without the grease and oil? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this Air Fryer Cookbook is for you!

It may sound too good to be true; but, it’s true. Air Fryers cook with little or no oil. With it, you can prepare tasty, healthy meals that look and taste just like the ones prepared in oil fryers without compromising your health. Air Frying is really a fast and healthy way of frying. This book is all you need to learn all about air frying. It is packed with tasty, lip-smacking diverse dishes from different cuisines.
From breakfast, chicken, pork, seafood and beef dishes to appetizers, side dishes, snacks and dessert recipes, you can now take advantage of your Air Fryer’s features and abilities to create wonderfully tasty meals that are good for your body. Whether you have no prior cooking experience or whether you are a master chef, there are step- by- step instructions on how to cook your favorite recipes.

An air fryer can cater to your every need and with this book in your hand, you can start your journey to healthy meals preparation.

Here is a snippet of what’s inside:
Quick N Easy AirFried Scrambled Egg
Parmesan & Pesto Twists
Air Fried French Toast
Wheat &Seed Bread
Oatmeal Muffins
French Toast Delight
Prawn Chicken Drumettes
Honey Lime Air-fried Chicken
Steamed Salmon & Dill Dip
Salmon And Potato Fishcakes
Crab And Vegetable Croquettes
Japanese Fried Pork Chops
Cheesy Bacon Stuffed Potatoes
Airfried Roast Pork
Garam Masala Beans
Homemade Tater Tots
Mushroom, Onion And Feta Frittata
Roasted Bell Pepper Vegetable Salad
Fried Rice In Tomato Bowls
Crispy Parsley And Garlic Mushrooms
Crispy Broccoli Tots
Onion Flowers
Crunchy Carrots
Sweet Pepper And Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls
Coconut Pineapples & Yoghurt Dip
Banana And Chocolate Muffins
Sweet Cinnamon Bananas Sticks
Berry And Apricot Crumble
Air Fried Crab Sticks
Bread Rolls With Crisp Potato Stuffing
Crispy French Fries
Veggie Spring Rolls
Asian Barbecue Satay
Tomato Sauced Meatballs
Air Fried Mac & Cheese Wheel
Rolled Flanks
Toasted Seasoned Nuts
Nacho Coated Prawns
Cheesy Mustard And Ham Rounds
Grilled Cheese Delight
Banana & marshmallow Relish
Air Fried Cheeseburgers
Download Now And Start A Food And Health Revolution In Your Kitchen!

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  • E-bok

    Publicerad : 2016-08-22

    SprÄk: Engelska

    Förlag E-bok: Mayorline

    ISBN E-bok: 6610000040025

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